Hey there, I'm Luke

I'm deeply invested in practically every field of digital creation. From motion to web, I seek to combine storytelling, visual elements, and technology to positively impact lives

Apple vs. Epic

Following the story of a recent lawsuit brought on by Epic Games against Apple, I created an informative landing page about the events. The goal was to inform those who were not aware of this lawsuit of the implications it may have on their future iOS device. The landing page was designed to be visually appealing and encouragingly entertaining in order to relay the contents to the most about of people

The white was used to represent the presine nature of the Apple ecosystem (explored in depth in the project) and the liquid-like rainbow blobs were mean to show the influence of third party companies and developers and how they tarnish the afformentioned ecosystem

Studio focus

For an interactive project, I created three code compositions to be based around design studio Jam3. The focus was to create something that felt uniquely created by me but honored their work. As Jam3 is already a very interactive company, I tried to imagine taking the interactions they already built and applying them to new contexts

Image System

I designed a series of compositions with the subject of a camera. This first batch explores the greatest positive and negative impacts of photography in a two part poster series

The second batch is a series of 20 compositions that explore the denotative or connotative of a selected object. Combining multiple lenses from a dslr and using a mobile macro lens, I took about 250 images that then got paired down and combined with typography

Villain Study

I chose to explore tech leader Mark Zuckerberg as a villain through twelve cards. The cards would each represent a part of his character in a metaphorical way. For instance, the vegetable that best represents him is celery because he lacks substance and is usually surrounded by controversy or "heat"; The heat on this card is the spicy chicken wings adjacent to the celery. The cards are designed around the corporate memphis style, used by many top tech companies because of its broad and evidently meaningless approach. I wanted to take that style and provide a different kind of meaning to it

Type in motion

For this type visualzation, I chose an exerpt from JD Hooge's TED talk called "The Power of Design," imagining how the words that he says translates to a shape-shifting box in the center of a larger composition

In this project, I picked a mundane daily activity to exponentiate through editing and typography. My focus was on running. I took on the project completely remote, so all of the green screen effects had to be done from my home

Laws of simplicity

I created three projects based on the book by John Maeda titled "The Laws of Simplicity." The book focused on a set of rules like "reduce," which discussed the reduction of features for a better user experience. Using these rules, I played in and around them to create unique but heavily inspired compositions

My first book focused on the introductory section of his book. My goal was to create something that broke the simplicity and expanded upon it. The page structure starts complicated, but as the pages wind to a close, the compositions become more simplistic

The second book featured the entirety of "The Laws of Simplicity." Maeda focused on a simplistic set of iconography made in a pixel grid. I expanded on the grid and designed several other assets to work in tandem with the icons. The pages are structured to follow Maeda's law of "emotion," which states that designs that are unexpected and create surprise are more memorable. Because the book was long, I wanted to test if it was possible for every page to be uniquely memorable to easly recall sections or quotes

The third and final book combines imagery and typography to explain one of laws of simplicity: "reduce." I explored my surroundings and captured images of devices and objects that helped to convey what Maeda was discussing in this law


I chose a nonprofit called Open Door Ministry that helps people with food needs in my hometown. Because their website was a little out of date, I chose to pick two functionalities to streamline into a more modern user interface: donating and volunteering. These functionalities at the core, I built a web app around usability and friendliness

Branded 'shops

As part of my job at Dive, I create imagery to compliment our social media presence. Dive is a company with mixed product offerings and messages, and we needed a way to unify the entire brand through social media. One of the ways we've been establishing this is through the "high quality meme"—images and videos that insert us into the pop-culture picture while also bringing delight to the viewer through a 21st century approach

Dive in entertainment ("Jujutsu Kaisen 0", "The Batman", "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness", "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse", "Hawkeye", "Venom: Let There Be Carnage", "What If...?", "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings", "Spider-Man: No Way Home", "The Suicide Squad", "Loki", "Certified Lover Boy" "Emmy Awards", "MTV Video Music Awards")

Miscellaneous ("Dive in the Superbowl", "Dive in the Olympics", "Dive Pokeball", "Dive vs. Prime Hydration", "McDonalds shake vs Dive Shake", "Dive Edition MKBHD Intro", "Octopus Match (a.k.a. Dive Squid Game)" "Tesla Bot vs Dive Bot", "iPhone Dive-Edition Notch", "Dive Drip")

Aquatic life

A more secretive project I'm working on at Dive revolves around a deep ocean setting. For the website (not currently public), I worked on a series of Lottie assets to bring the scene to life

NBT Monthly

For the year of 2021, I worked with the YouTube channel NothingButTech to create a brand system built upon a "theme" for every month. The goal is to create intricate settings filled with easter eggs and "vibes." The main logos then get converted into motion to be used as intros to begin every NBT video

Once the preliminary design is done, the goal for motion is to make the scene feel alive. Almost every element moves in some way, which creates an exaggerated sense of the environment. I add sound design as a finishing touch


This piece, called "The Code that Smiles Back" was based on the prompt of creating an "artistic guide" to something you know well. I chose to simplify the process of making an HTML website by showing how to display a single smile on the page. The colors and aesthetic are meant to make code look friendly and welcoming, the opposite of the stigma it usually carries

"Icarus and Daedalus" is a modern interpretation of the Greek myth with the same title. Paper and wood were used to construct a miniture city in which the two characters reside and expand on